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Digi Lucky Draw Winner 2018 Prize

DiGi Lucky Draw Winner 2018

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Five Countries International Lucky Draw 2018

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DiGi Cash Prize Winners Of 2018 Result
To Check your Lottery Online Please Enter Your Winner Mobile Number and Lottery Number.

  To Check Your Lottery Online Please Enter Your winner Mobile Number And Your Lottery Number.

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If you Don't Have Lottery Number Please Call Us On DiGi Mobile Prize Department Head Office Number 0019188444478 

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DiGi Mobile  Winners List Of  2018

  Congratulation !Nagar Chhendra Bahadur Winner of 200000 Ringgit   2018.

Latest Cash Prize Winners List of Digi Mobile

Name:Nagar Chhendra Bahadur
Prize Amount:2,00,000
Mobile Number:0112****100
digi lucky winner 2018

Name:Riza Gonce Salting
Prize Amount:2,00,000
Mobile No:011****421
digi lottery winners 2018

Name:Indra Ghalan
Prize Amount: 1,00,000 Rin
Location: Malaysia
Mobile No: 011****013
digi lucky draw

Name:Bikash Kumar
Prize Amount:1,00,000 Ringgit
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Name: Mohammad Bin Al Abbar
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 Ring
Mobile # : 0501*****901

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Name: Fatma Abdullah
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 ringgit
Mobile # : 011*****395

digi lucky draw 2018

Name: Mohammad Ahsan
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 ringgit
Mobile # : 011*****219

digi cash prize winner 2018

Name: Chris Toper
Prize Amount: 50,000 Rin
Location: Malaysia
Mobile # : 0504*****556

Oordeoo Lottery Pirze Winner 2018

Name: Amrinder Patel
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 ringgit
Mobile # : 011*****709

digi lottery winner scheme,digi lottery scheme

Name: Priya laxmi
Prize Amount: 50,000
Mobile # : 0569*****332

Name:Juma Al Majid
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 Rin
Mobile # : 0556*****095

digi lottery winner,digi lottery prize winners 2018

Name:Adi Bitar
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 Rin
Location: Malaysia
Mobile # : 0568*****319

digi new winner,digi new winners 2018

Name:Fahad Al Hashmi
Prize Amount: 20,000 Rin
Location: Malaysia
Mobile # : 0552*****990

digi mobile lottery winner

Name: Aysha Sultan
Prize Amount: 2,00,000 Rin
Location: Malaysia
Mobile # : 0575*****001

digi mobile lottery winner 2018

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  • Beware of DiGi Lucky Draw Fraudulent Calls

    • We have had several of our customers reporting to us instances of fraudulent calls promising them sums of money in exchange for sharing personal details or numbers from unused recharge card. More often than not, the callers claim to be DiGi representatives.
    • Here are some things we never do:
    • We never ask for bank details, recharge card numbers or personal information as part of any promotion or phone conversation
    • We do not give out cash prizes unless publicised through a promotional campaign
    • Important tips for you:
    • Never entertain calls from people you don't know informing you that you have won something, especially when you have not entered an official competition or draw
    • If you do get a call from DU and are unsure about the authenticity of the information, please call du Customer Care on 0019188444478
    • We hope this public advisory will help you from becoming a victim of fraudulent phone calls or scams.